A thank you letter to the boy who lied

Dear boy who lied:

Thank you, for saying you didn’t have time for me. By telling me you couldn’t commit the time, it helped me realize I didn’t have time for you, either.

Thank you for saying I was sexy and that my body was amazing. I think it is, but I’d never seen anyone so enamored with me before. It helped me to hope that someone else may eventually feel the same way.

Thank you for telling me you were too busy to send a text, while being not too busy to post to your snapchat story. It made me appreciate the friends who do have time to text me, and the ones who are honest when they don’t have time.

Thank you for making plans with me to go places, but never following through. You not only inspired me to go to new places, but also helped me learn how to go with the flow and not be mad when promises are broken.

Thank you for showing me affection, even when it was for such a short time. I felt safe and cared about. And while now I don’t feel cared about, I do understand that in the long run, you weren’t anyone I needed to be with.




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