I always found it a little ridiculous to meet someone attractive and then be instantly smitten. And then it happened to me. Many times. Too many, according to my friends. “guard your heart you’ll get hurt I hate to see you so upset” blah blah bull. I honestly could care less because crushing isn’t a problem for me. I crush and then get over it.

Like my current crush. Well I’m into one, crushing on another, and just wanting to make out with a third. And fourth (wowowowow is he a hunk of beautiful man).

My crush, or the man I’m into, is a character of many faces. He’s a fun, talented, intellectually stimulating man and I really like that (and he’s darn cute!) but he is also kind of a partier (aka drugs) and drinks ALL THE DAMN TIME. I like one version but despise the other. Well not despise but definitely worry and are concerned about.

I want to find a good man with whom I can settle down and have incredibly ridiculous amounts of awesome sex. (Being a virgin is tough sometimes. Worth it, but tough.) and I want kids maybe. And someone who will provide for me. I mean heck I’m gonna get a career but I also need to be able to have a man who is my compatriot and companion. I will respect him as the head of the house but he is my equal as a human being.

Anyway rant over men are stupid the end.


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